First self-designed project: vise jaws for repeat work

After doing the fine tutorials and receiving a VISE, my first project was to make fuss-free, slightly sacrificial jaws for the vise, since my next project will be making 100 pc. of an aluminum doodad that will require machining into the jaw region, and I don’t want to mar my nice Nomad vise. The parts all start exactly 1" x 2" x 3" so I made a pair of jaws in one piece, with a channel on the bottom side to fit snugly on top of the Nomad vise, and be pre-spaced to 1.05" apart. The jaws are attached to each other by a springy pattern in the “renshape” That way I can pop in a piece of the aluminum part to be cut, center sufficiently by feel, bottoming it on the jaw’s platform, and tightening the vise. Here’s a pic on the vise:

The inset is a pic of the underside, the part that snugs over the vise runners.

I did it as a “flip” project with carpet tape, you can probably tell that my manual flip wasn’t perfectly aligned, but this happily doesn’t affect the function of the part.



That’s pretty clever! Looking forward to your aluminum doodads.

Thanks, @UnionNine. It was a good learning experience for me. I did just post some ponderings and head-scratchings regarding the doo-dads in the How To section.


Nice design!

How much flex is there in the Reshape, how far can you move the jaws together without damaging the part?

I just received my Nomad 883 and am starting to setup everything. Do you happen to have the MeshCAM file available for sharing? I totally understand if you are not up for sharing it. I just thought that I would ask. Thanks!

ajones, I’m sorry, somehow I missed your post. I am willing to share, but please be aware that it’s only for a specific width workpiece, and for use with the Nomad vise (you may not have that).


3dsteve, I’m sorry, somehow I missed your post. The “jaws” are designed to hold a 1 inch thick workpiece, and the relaxed gap is 1.005" …and can easily squish in .050" without damage. I don’t want to go further.


Hello Troy! No worries at all. That sounds great. I would love to get ahold of the files and practice a bit. I currently have the Nomad Vise and 3x2x1 blocks. How large are the files? Thanks so much! Adam

This is such a Great Concept!
And the Design is such an elegant solution, and great use of the renshape block.

Do you have any pictures of the material you will be holding with this?

The settings of forum now allow for Meshcam files and Toolpath files to be shared.