First time with Aluminum

Same exact stock from Carbide 3D!

I got a little chatter on my first attempt on these (first time cutting aluminum ever). I tightened the machine up and get the above results. Biggest thing I’ve found is the V wheel tensioning. Mine are set to the tightest setting on all.

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Nice work all!
QUESTION, 30 IPM at .01 DOC, is this super conservative on a SO3 in one way or the other i.e feed or DOC?
While still remaining accurate ± .008. Thanks Ray

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I’m finding it to be a bit on the safe side but I’m also cutting 3/4" aluminum all the way through with an 1/8" bit. If my cut depth was a lot less and I didn’t have to have most of the shaft sticking out of the collet, I’m confident that I could cut much faster than the settings above. Pic below is with 30IPM, 0.015" DOC, and 0.04" stepover. Very clean!


I would also like to weigh in here and say that i find using a climb cut for finishing passes produces a nice finish in aluminium (i use 6082 here in the UK)! Conventional cut work well for clearing but climb always gives a nice finish for me!

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what feeds and speeds do you use?

for 6mm end mills I run at 0.75mm DOC 800mm/min and 290 hertz on my 3 phase spindle (1.5 setting on the dewalt)

for 3mm end mills: 0.4mm DOC 750mm/min (same RPM)

I use more conservative rates as the aluminium available in the UK is 6082 which is a bit harder than 6061 from what I gather.


Added to the wiki, but this points out the advantage the Dewalt has in dialing in an RPM — see where I had to note:

16390 RPM (1.5 setting on the Dewalt, between 2.75 (15722.5) and 3 (16870) on a Makita)

What kind of aluminum is that and where do you get it?

This is 3/4" 6061. Got it from a local supplier

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