Flag Sign made with PVC Board


US Flag Sign made with 9 1/4 x 17 x 3/4 PVC Trim Board.

American Flag 1.nc (1.5 MB)

American Flag 1.c2d (1.4 MB)


That looks good. I want to try machining some PVC.

Is that painted or already colored?

painted it. Covered everything but the stars then sprayed them blue. Then covered the stars and sprayed everything else red. Then used a small foam roller to do the top coat white over the blue and red overspray .


You could use Oracal Oramask. Only works for up to a certain number colors in one piece unless you want to paint on the bed of your machine in between cuts, which i dont advise.


I tried that and it didn’t work very well. Seveck house wrap tape from Lowe’s or Home Depot works much better

I did some tests on this (made several painted signs at the school) with Oramask, Blue tape and Tyvek tape. Oramask worked the best, and the Blue tape was next. In my experience, I was disappointed with the Tyvek, especially given the cost.


Shoot, where do you get trim board in sheets like that? All I can get from Menards is boards 3.75" wide.

use downcut bits with masking for crisp lines on almost anything that sticks halfway decently

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You can’t buy it in sheets. Only boards up to 11 1/4 inch wide and 8 or 16 feet long. I have been successful in gluing boards together for wider widths using a clamping jig I made and using PVC plumbing glue.

Trim the edges you are going to glue on a table saw. Make a almost invisible seam. Maybe a little light sanding.

I made three of these to clamp the boards and keep the seam level.

@The_real_janderson Where are you located? We have it in full sheets at Home Depot.

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Use three of these on the left center and right of the boards you are gluing perpendicular to the seam. Apply the glue then use bar clamps to clamp the seam tight. I made several sets of holes on the wood clamps for gluing different width boards. Tried some different types of glue but pvc cement works the best and makes an unbreakable seam.

Ummmm. Didn’t know they made it in sheets. But it’s only 1/2 inch and the boards are 3/4. 1/2 wouldn’t leave much room for depth of cut. I usually cut to 0.2 inches so when I do the top coat paint it doesn’t bleed down into the cut.

I live in Canton MI 48188

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Aisle 19 in your store.


Yep, good point. Turns out Menards does have it, they just don’t stock it in the store. I see that Home Depot as it in stock. Good to know.


See if you can find a local sign supply house. The PVC brand name I use is called ‘Sintra’ I can get up to 1" thick 4’ x 8’ for a couple hundred bucks. 1/2" thick sheets are under $100




The lines on your flag appear to be very clean and straight. Love to know what bit and feeds and speeds you are using. Using a .250 endmill on 1/2" PVC sheet my lines are a bit wavy.