Flag Sign made with PVC Board

I found that the local Home Depot stocks 2’ x 4’ x 3/4 PVC Board for $37.00 per sheet. Far as the cutting goes I use a #112 0.063 end mill. I have attached the settings. It cuts pretty clean but requires a little cleanup with a small round jewelers file but it doesn’t take too long. Covering the piece with Tyvek House Wrap tape before I cut makes a cleaner cut and less work for painting but for this design I didn’t do that because after spraying the blue background and red stripes I would have to peel the tape of all 50 stars and its easier to just do the cleanup with a file.


This design came out so well I made a larger flag 13.5 High x 25.5 Wide x 3/4. Someone bought it for their lake house.

Just made another one for the same person for their lake house. This is the largest one I’ve made so far. Its 15.5 x 30.5 x 3/4. This one is a pretty simple design just big. Close to the max size for my XL machine.



Nice work. You mentioned that you painted the flag, what type of paint did you use.

Rustoleum spray for the red and blue and latex semigloss with a roller for the top white coat

I found the PVC board at Lowes that is .75 x 9.25 in 8,10 12 ft. lenghts nice work

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Some Lowes and Menards also have 11.25 width in 8 and 12 foot lengths. I also found the 2’ x 4’ x 3/4 pvc panels at the local home depot for $37.00. pretty much the same cost as if I glued up two 11 1/4 width boards. Eliminates, cutting, gluing, and sanding the joint.

Here’s a couple of other things I did with PVC


I am making this flag stripes look great but some of the stars are breaking off any suggestions?

What material are you using for the stars? Have you tested your feed/speed settings?

How are you securing the stock?

I use 3/4 PVC board for the flag. I haven’t had any problems with the stars breaking off.
What size are you making the flag. Mine is 9.25 high by 17 wide. If your making it smaller or using different material may be why the stars are breaking off. I secure the stocks by clamping it between two boards top and bottom but you could use carpet tape on the bottom also. Then you wouldn’t need to clamp it. I covered the inside of each clamp board with some rubberized shelf lining material for friction and it works really well for holding the boards and no other clamps are needed

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I am using PVC and the same size as yours with the same feeds and speeds I use cam clamps to secure the board!

I was able to some what salvage the piece and it looks pretty good I am pretty new at this and this was my first attempt at PVC

Interesting!! Looking at everything with the little notches above the stars, and the more rounded corners on the stripes, and the star background shifted to the right a little. Almost looks like you are using the wrong cutter. Are you sure you used a #112 0.063 flat end mill. Also my Makita router speed is set at about 4.5 on the dial.

I recut the stars with in this picture with a v carve bit in the original I used the .63 bit . I am going to try another one today

I v cut these in the pocket after the others broke off that is the reason the marks are on the board at the top.My Bad you are right I was using the wrong bit it was an .125 instead of .63 live and learn Thanks alot for input

Another similar one I just finished.

looks great my next flag looked much better

I just bought a sheet from Menards… 2x4 feet but only .25 inch thick i believe…have not used it yet, was worried it was celluar PVC, isn’t that stuff cellar anyway?, says it is, doest it just fall apart? as it is celluar?

What size bit did you use or bits?

Doesnt sound like you bought PVC board but something else. The bit i use depends on what design im cutting. Usually ends up being 1/16 flat end mill

Cellular PVC = Closed-cell PVC = PVC Foamboard = Expanded PVC

All the same stuff. All cuts nicely.

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Ok so I should be able to make a sign As Menards had a 2x4 panel 1/2 inch I need to make a no turn around sign for my driveway and thought it would not carve, thinking it was cellular and should be holes everywhere