Flattening issue

New guy here, so sorry if a silly question.

Got my machine up and running. Works great, put a couple projects out.

I needed to flatten a oversize cutting board. I ran the program, (pocket cut, McFlY) saw I needed to take more off after 1st and 2nd cuts so I -

1- rapid jogged to x-y zero and made sure I was still good

2 - remeasured and reset z- zero

  1. Ran program- machine went to bit setter as expected, checked bit, went to the correct location of cut start and buried the bit into the board.

Any ideas what step I messed up, and is this an acceptable way to slowly add depth to a surfacing finish?

Thanks in advance.

Post your .c2d file?

I went over this sort of thing at:

When I flatten my spoilboard I take off 0.010" per pass and pocket only 0.010". If I need to make a second pass I jog off the material and lower the
Z 0.010" below the zero position. I just rerun the file. Trying to set zero with a bitzero can be trying so I just manually jog down and reset the Z zero. I run that as many times as I need to get the spoilboard flat. I make pencil marks all over the spoilboard and when the disappear I am done. On the spoilboard I want to just remove enough for it to be flat.


Thank you all for the help!

I restarted today, followed your recommendations and it worked great. No more “center boring”…lol

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