Flush Trim router work with resin

I am going to try working with wood/aluminum with resin (clear coat) exterior. I am going to be printing out round disks then applying a resin coat creating a finished product that is only about 5mm thick. Here is my concern… I want the ‘edge’ of the disk to feel subtle, smooth to the touch. My best thinking is to use a Flush trim bit after I have added the resin components into a jig (template) that I will create.
Would like some/any advice if others have done something similar. Thanks in advance for your input.

I would make the edges as you want them before applying epoxy. The epoxy will be quite smooth and doing a trim afterwards would rough up the surface and require sanding to remove the routed edges roughness. Trying to sand round edges makes the surface less round. So I would do everything to the wood before applying the epoxy. You might need to wipe the edges before the epoxy dries to keep drips from forming. The epoxy should self level after wiping if it is relatively slow drying. Maybe coat the bottom first and let it dry and then put a small block of wood on the bottom to keep the edges off the surface of your pouring surface.

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Thanks Guy for the reply. I understand what you are saying with the self-leveling, just not certain it will achieve the smooth, silky edge I am looking for. Would save me a bunch of time if this was the case, but I think I will need to be ready to ‘tweak’ the edge. Appreciate taking your time to respond.

Do you mean that you want to add a roundover with a roundover bit?

To use roundover tooling in the CNC see:

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