Font size in CC is smaller

Fired up CC Build 764 today after a few days off and the font size for some elements is now smaller. I haven’t had my PC on since the last time I used CC. Any thoughts?

This is determined by the Screen Scaling setting in your OS.

I tried adjusting the scaling and it does not address the issue. Problem is that different text in different areas is a different size. See photo below:

Areas circled in red are a smaller font than all other text. If I change the scaling it makes everything smaller proportionally. Maybe this is a windows issue and not CC issue. Program still works fine, I just have to move my head closer to read some text.

EDIT: 2 minutes after post it occurred to me, Windows malfunction 101: Step 1 is preform a restart. Issue fixed.

@WillAdams I always appreciated the prompt replies.

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