For a 2nd, Nomad or Shapeoko?

In a few weeks, I will be buying a 2nd unit. Should I get another XXL or get a Nomad? Main work to be done is thick aluminum, up to 3" thick.

The machines are wonderfully complementary, but for production a second XXL is probably a better option since it will double throughput and allow you to use the same files on each machine.


Two things that makes me think Nomad. The first is the Flip Jig, and the 2nd is the 4th axel. 4 axis for Nomad

Can both of these upgrades be done on the Shapeoko?

There are lots of options for two-sided workholding:

There are a couple of options for additional axis, see:

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On the gripping hand, those sorts of things play to the complementary nature of the machines β€” I use my Nomad to make intricate metalwork for larger woodworking projects done on the Shapeoko β€” it’s a nice pairing.


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