FOR SALE - Shapeoko parts to build cheap XXL - SOLD

Hi guys,

Last year I converted my SO3 to linear rails - SO3 on steroids - build log

I only reused the frame and aluminum extrusions so I’m left with all the remaining parts. They’re in a great shape and can be used to build a cheap SO3 XXL if purchased Carbide 3d expansion pack.

Expansion pack comes with everything needed to build the XXL, but I’m including all the parts pictured below as I need to make a space in the shed.
Asking $500 + shipping. I’m located in Jersey City, NJ if anyone is interested in a local pickup.

Controller’s enclosure has drilled holes, because I used to have a laser controller mounted to it.

I’ve installed proximity switches, but the wires will have to be extended to work with the XXL.

I’ve bunch of leftover v-wheels. Some of them used some brand new Beaver HD wheels and eccentric nuts.

Some leftover steel core belts. Probably not enough for the XXL anymore, but the expansion kit comes with everything you need to make a conversion anyways.

Original limit switches, without the connectors that I used for the proximity switches.


You kept what I’m looking for, the frame and all aluminum extrusions.

Seen people giving them away for free after upgrading to XXL in the Shapeoko group on Facebook. TBH if I were to build a new cnc out of aluminum extrusions, I’d go with 80/20 and use the beefiest extrusions they have - 80x160.


Where are you located? And email me what you are asking? I am thinking of building another. Do you want to sell it all as one or are you open to breaking it up?

Hi, $500 + shipping for everything. Won’t sell separate components. I’m located in Jersey City, NJ. Local pickup available if you’re close to NYC.

That’s what the upgrade kits have in them.

No-one interested in a cheap xxl? Need to make space, so lowering the price to $400 + shipping. That’s around $1200 for xxl.

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