For those with a 4X4 Shapeoko 5 Pro - Table questions

Here is my Rock-Steady/project board bench.


I have the Pro XXL. Here are some pictures of my table. I can send you dimensions if you like. I added a drawer after the fact. I did leave a lot of open space on the bottom for stock.


Thank you for the pictures.
Dimension would be great to have, please send my way. I like the drawer and I was even thinking to incorporate tool box underneath with additional storage space and hoping to have room for storing stock. Since I am 6’ 2’ I want to have table high about 38’-40’ what is your opinion on that?

I will measure shortly and get back with you.

Ok. Mine is 58w by 46 deep by 33 tall.
That gives me 9 extra inches of width, I have 3 on the left and 6 on the right.

I have about 3 extra inches on front and back. Extra space on the front is a double edged sword. It’s a great place to put things but then again it’s a great place to put things. I had too much clutter there until I added the drawer but you do want your bits, wrenches and caliper handy.

I am only 5’4” so this height is good for me. It puts the spoilboard at about 35”.

My drawer is 46w, 19deep and 6” high. This leaves about 15 below where I have some stock and some larger things stored.

I used 6 4x4s and added retractable wheels. 3/4 inch plywood for the top and 1/2 for the lower shelf.

I think the size is perfect for me but could probably use a better way to organize the stock. Maybe stand it up behind the drawer and slide it in/out.

Appreciate all the measurements and information. I am just staring with CNC so long way to learn the machine that is on my way.
I Lowe the way you made cutouts in the form for the tools I guess, on the machine. Can you share programming for that.

Thank you and Best Regards.

Sure. Here is a post with some details

This one has more info and some discussion with other guys on their tools and approaches. Read down a ways in there and you can find the C2D files that I posted. It was in 2 pieces because the foam was wider than I could accommodate on the machine and I hadn’t tried tiling yet.

Those files have cutouts for a tramming gauge, tape measure, calipers, wrenches and bits as well as some general purpose pockets.

@CullenS Cullen’s table height is a really good height. My is also 33" tall. The SO5Pro measures 1 3/4 inches in height for the spoilboard. If you are around 6’ tall you might make your table a little taller then 33". The height should be where you are comfortable reaching the middle from all 4 side of the table. It may not seem like something you need to do but at least for me I do, either to add hold downs or use the vac hose for clean up.


Yes. If it was much taller I would have trouble reaching to the middle and being effective.

Of course every time I change the bit I wish it was taller as I have to get on my knees. Planning to add a small stool soon.

Everything is a trade off.

Thank you for all the information :wave:

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Thanks for the inspiration and size discussion. Here is what I did.


Looks pretty sturdy. You look ready to park an M1 Abrams Tank on top of it. I use pocket screws a lot. When I first started I would apply glue. Now I just use the pocket screws and no glue. I dont think glue adds anything and if necessary you can disassemble it if you need to make changes.


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