Formal name for securing wiring with multiple zip ties?

Is there a formal name for this sort of arrangement?

(yes, it’s profligate to use 7 zip ties where one would do, but I’m going to be redoing my wiring presently and want it to look as nice as possible)


Think you are looking for wire comb


If only there was some sort of machine that could make things like this for you. :sweat_smile:


wire loom? at least for spark plugs

easy machine or 3d print with a single zip tie project.
good option for your parametric open source designs (dia, quantity, row variables)


+1 for “comb”. I’ve always called them a “cable comb”. I used to frequently print versions that my students design for their game controllers. No more cables though.


Found a video on it:

Trying to do something which doesn’t require the machine since I’m going to be rewiring mine presently and want an approach which a person could do when building the machine.

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Cable dressing, cable loom, or if you are old school and do it with wax string - cable lacing.


What PhilG said:

Check this article out

or, this how-to


Yeah, Tim Foreman did that on a couple of his machines, and I can still remember being mesmerized inspecting a wiring harness under an exposed cover when I was very young at the Smithsonian on I think one of the Mercury capsules.

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Okay, I tidied up my wiring as best I could — some pictures:

A wiring extension connector and the Z-axis homing switch connector just fit into the lower part of the drag chain bracket — I opened up the drag chain and tucked the motor wires into it rather than coil it:

Then everything can be neatly zip-tied in place.

and the zip tie wire loom idea works well for cable management — I also left the ones in-between cables long in some places, tucking them into drag chains, or zip-tieing at the other end for strain relief:


Will try to do the same with connectors :+1:t3:

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Hi WillAdams

I like the way that looks and I want to do that. Please forgive me but can you do two more things for me? Can you send me a short blurb on how each zip tie is feeding into the other zip tie, and can you send me a picture that includes your connectors so I can see the whole arrangement?

One zip tie around the entire group. The other zip ties go around the first, between each cable.