From Easel to Carbide Create

I’ve been having fun with Easel but now I want something more powerful. I want to see what else I can do. I’ve drawn some simple projects but getting them from CC to my machine is becoming a problem. I tried using a thumb drive to transfer the file but my machine won’t recognize it. What am I not doing right. I appreciate any suggestions… Thanks

If you are using CC version 7, it does not output Gcode files anymore, it stores toolpaths directly in the (c3d proprietary) c2d file now. So you cannot load that kind of file on a non-carbide3d machine. If you do have a Shapeoko, you need to use the latest version of Carbide Motion, which now supports loading c2d file and running them

All details here

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To expand on what Julien said, v7 of Carbide Create now stores toolpaths inside a .c2d file — the normal mode of operation is to send the .c2d file to a machine using a recent version of Carbide Motion, but this requires a machine made by Carbide 3D.

See the announcement at:

If you purchase a Pro license:

it adds the ability to select a post-processor and write out G-code for other machines.

Link states “Beta not available”, just as an FYI.

Don’t tease me like that. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Carbide Create has since moved to Stable — the current version is 729:

I have this one already. I always update even to beta.

Hi Will. I’m using version 710 free version of Carbide Create which is the latest I believe. I should have known it wouldn’t work because I knew Carbide Motion doesn’t work with my machine. I was planning to drop my Easel subscription when I got a little better with Carbide Create. I had planed on subscribing to the Pro version all along its so much better and way cheaper too.
So the Pro version has a post editor that will allow me to download g-code to a thumb drive then into my cnc so I can carve, yes?. Please say yes.

I’m not Will but: yes.

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Sorry about the name confusion and thanks for the good news.

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