Full blind box joints in Carbide Create

Lastly we draw in the V endmills cutting the corners in the profile view:

6 passes will be necessary β€” one easy way to draw this is to stack up 6 copies of one-half of the endmill:

and scale the width of it to the stock thickness:

The bottoms of each may then be measured to determine the offset from the edge/top of stock, but the first thing which should happen is drawing in rectangles which are inset by stock thickness from the face rectangles and assigning a no-offset Contour toolpath to them at the top of the stock (well, 0.001mm below the top of stock β€” it’s not possible to assign a depth of zero to a toolpath):

This covers the case of the stock being thicker than expected.

The next two V contour toolpaths continue this, working down by first one quarter the distance, then to half the depth of the endmill diameter plus 10%:

For each successive layer, draw a rectangle of a size to match the desired depth/offset:

Node edit it to make it into an open polyline:

Then duplicate it in place, select the face rectangle and rotate the duplicate into position, repeating this to get each corner:

assign a toolpath to an appropriate depth and then duplicate and position for each face and repeat for each other depth/face:

Which previews as:

Need to check that everything connects as it should β€” hopefully test cut tomorrow, then once I have a working file, will upload.

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Cutting went well:

Cube_45mm_Center_Bottom.c2d (308 KB)


And a very quick test-fit went well:


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Been working on this a bit more, and have automated it using OpenSCAD Graph Editor and the library I’ve been using, gcodepreview: