Fusion 360: Cutting just around the outside of a shape

Upfront, I’ve searched the forums and watched quite a few Fusion 360 Youtube videos and I’m still having an issue. So in a short few days, I’ve taught myself how to sketch and develop models in Fusion 360. I’ve got a suitable model of some clamps designed, and I am working on the tooling paths in CAM. I can easily create tooling paths to cut the slots in the middle of my clamps, but for some reason I cannot figure out how to just mill the outside shape of the clamps. In other words, I don’t want to waste time or bit life adaptively clearing all the stock away besides my clamps, I just want to clear a “slot” around the outside of my clamp. I know how to adjust the toolpath to leave a thin layer of material at the bottom to hold everything together.

It seems so simple and yet I’m frustrated by this. I think I just don’t know the right tooling choice to pick in Fusion 360…

I believe what you’re after is a 2d contouring operation


Dan, Thanks. I believe you are correct. Not sure how I didn’t realize this. I will try this out in a bit, but thanks to the tutorial video below, I think this is what I am looking for. It helped just that I knew the right term to search for.

Sorry for asking a simple question, I’m kicking myself now. I think I may have gotten overly frustrated with trying to do such a simple operation.

I just modeled the groove I wanted it to cut.


Thanks for the replies and help. I may design in tabs next time, but I opted to let Fusion 360 leave them in during the 2D Contour cut. The tabs were a little thin, but that is easily fixed; even still everything held together just fine. More on the final results here:
My finished product thread

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