Fusion 360 Posting Multiple Toolpaths

I wanted to know if anyone else posts multiple toolpaths at the same time to use with BitSetter. I wanted to give this a try and examined the g-code but didn’t find any M6 commands between the multiple toolpaths. This makes me concerned that inserting a new tool won’t happen and it will not realize I wanted to change my endmill.

For those of you that do this, is there an M6 between toolpaths? And if so, I’m not sure why I am missing them.

As is often the case, using @neilferreri’s F360 post is the solution :slight_smile:


There’s a link to a more polished version here:


Good to know. Thanks @neilferreri and @Julien for your informational answers!

Glad I read this, thus far I’ve been just ASSUMING that it would work by post processing an entire setup, but haven’t had the balls to try.