Fusion 360 Shapeoko Post Processor (Help Testing)

Gentlemen, I have grown tired of using multiple Fusion 360 Post Processors (grbl for drilling, mach3mill for milling) then editing the Z, etc., so Ive had a Post Processor written specifically for the Shapeoko 3 (might work for the Shapeoko 2, but won’t know until it’ tested).

I won’t publish it to Fusion until it’s throughly tested, and I’m not doing much machining right now because of a recent rotator cuff surgery, so I thought I’d reach out to the community. I’m looking for 3-4 SKILLED Fusion 360 users, (3 Shapeoko 3, 1 Shapeoko 2) to test this Post with me.

I will provide you with the details via email, upon agreement.

Comments also gladly accepted.


Hi Richard,

That is great as I am getting tired of tinkering with the Z numbers after posting. I would consider myself an intermediate to advanced fusion user and own a SO3. This is actually perfect timing as I am currently designing a motor mount for my big CNC mill and will be using the SO3 for that. I would love to help with testing this post processor. Let me know what you need from me.


Is this the “Carbide 3d” post processor in the post processors list in Fusion 360?
I love using the CAD in fusion but am just getting into the CAM, as my shapeoko is on its way. I’d love to just use Fusion for CAM as it seems to be quite powerful!

No, it is something that I had Autodesk rewrite for the Shapeoko 3, XL XXL. It is similar to the Carbide3D post with a few added features. (1) it raises the Z axis before moving X and Y (Like what Carbide Create does) and (2) you can preset a location after the program is complete (For me this allows me to measure the part with the spindle far away and or bring it to a tool change position, etc.

so the carbide3d post would not be suitable to run without modification due to not raising Z axis?
And how’s the testing of the new post processor going?


It’s a great post providing that you remember to raise the Z (after setting your home height), before you run the program. Testing is going well.

I use the carbide3d post all the time, but I’m crazy about homing before running anything. I’m confused as to why you need to switch post-processors and editing the Z. Perhaps you could explain? Is it just that you are using Carbide Motion and an unsupported code comes up? The most editing I have to do is remove M9, and that is because I haven’t added that to my new Chromebook’s config for bCNC to ignore this code. On my Windows laptop I don’t have to edit anything…
And bCNC, homes the machine after the code has been executed. Heck you can insert a python code call to trigger an api call to the smartswitch that controls my router on/off.

What I would like to see, because with autolevel the Z will cause issues. The C3D post moves to 0,0,0 then to point. This is fine if you are working on a flat object, but a curved object this results in a path through it even with autolevel. So are you saying the post you have moves to x0, y0, z10(user configurable) and then rapid to first ramp position?

If that is the case is the Z configured off of clearance height?

  • Some times less clearance is required, or cannot be achieved.

First let me talk about Rule #1. Anytime you have a G0 (Rapid) function, the Z-Axis MUST be at the Clearance or Safe Plane so that it doesn’t hit (A) your clamps, (B) Your vise, or © surfaces on your part that are higher than Z0 (Often found on 2nd operation machining)

Next, let me see if I can paint this scenario in your mind.

Scenario (1) I have a piece of hex bar sitting in a vise. I want to machine both ends or the rod. The Home location (XYZ 0) is the center/end on one side of the rod. If my machine is sitting at XYZ home, and the first end to be machined is opposite of the home end, and I used the Carbide3D post, the machine will (try) to GO Rapid THROUGH my part because it didn’t raise the Z-Axis to the Clearance Plane first = CRASH

Scenario (2) I have a 6 x 6 flat plate that is set up for its second operation. I will C’Bore several holes. There is a single clamp in the middle of the plate holding it to my table. XY0 is the Center of one of the holes, and Z0 the top surface near on of the holes. I have used the Carbide3D Post, and press Run. The machine then rapids to the first hole to be machines and tried to rapid right THROUGH the clamp because it didn’t raise the Z-Axis to the Clearance Plane first and CRASH

Yes, I could have taken the time to see which end OR hole was machines first, but a GOOD POST takes care of the operator and ALWAYS rapids at a safe Clearance plane, and that is why I wrote a GOOD (new) Post.

I also understand that 99% of the Shapeoko users out there are not at the level of machining that I am and that the Carbide3D post works just fine, and I am ok with that, but I am NOT ok that it rapids unsafely, and that someday it will bite you in the ass, (because it’s not fool proof post)

PS I love the Post Processor in Carbide Create in that it allows you to set the Z Clearance height (Default is 12mm, and my clamps are 12.7 mm, yeah, I now have a clamp with a 0.7 rapid mill grove through it…lessen learned, new Z height 25mm). It’s a good post.

You had a lot of question, and I think I answered them all, but if I didn’t please let me know.

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Thank you Richard for the explanation. I’m still developing my workholding strategy but one of my concerns was how it was going to handle rapiding on my S3 XXL. I will pay special attention to the actual behavior with the current Fusion post processor. If I hit a roadblock, I may ask you for your version to test. I really appreciate the effort you are putting in!

Newb question, but i’ve been running fusion and it is irritating that it doesn’t lift before rapid movement…do I just manually jog the z axis + after zeroing in carbide motion, or do i need to actually change the g-code?

Apparently this is one of the things which the different post-processors address.


and you are using WHAT Post Processor in Fusion 360?

You could, or you could install my Fusion 360 Post Processor (Which will lift the Z, before a rapid X/Y move)

Let me know IF you want to use my post, and I can send you the instructions on how to install my Shapeoko Post Processor

Sure, sign me up. I’m pretty proficient in Fusion 360 and am expecting my SuperPID any day now so I can start cutting aluminum and such. I’ve had a few near misses with Fusion… email is fredfowler@verizon.net - Let me know.


Fred Fowler,

The Email has been sent

I’m using the Carbide3d.cps Generic GRBL right now…I would be interested in trying yours!

Send me an email, and I’ll send you the instructions:

richcournoyer AT Yahoo DOT com

Hello Rich i sent an email to you, i’m interesting in your work, i was wondering if you can share with me.

Thanks & Best Regards!

And I just sent you the detailed (and long) instructions.

Thanks and enjoy.


Thanks Rich!!!

Best regards!

I would be interested in trying out your post processor. My email address is retaf99@yahoo.com. Thanks