Fusion360 Machine Definition, Fusion360

Has anyone already created a machine definition (currently in preview) for a Shapeoko3 in Fusion360.

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There’s a model here: http://a360.co/1U9yxof (as noted at: https://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Parts#Source_Files )

Nope, that’s a 3d model. Fusion360 now supports a “Machine Definition” with limits, capabilities, extents and so forth for ensuring your model fits in the machine, and carries some characteristics through cam (spindle speeds, axis speeds, etc).


@mikep Does this have any practical value? Wouldn’t the speeds and feeds be brought in by the selected tool? I never knew there was a “BetaMode” in Fusion 360 until just now, so thanks for sending me down that rabbit hole.
Please let us know if you do anything with this.

EDIT: Looks like you can pre-select a post processor which would be handy if you’re running more than one machine.

Yes, speed and feed is specific to the tool, but just like g-wizard, there is the opportunity to adjust those to meet the capabilities of the machine, and provide the better solution instead of just being blind to what the particular machine can do. For instance, a feed/speed that goes a million miles an hour isn’t useful if the machine can’t feed that fast. They’ve been trying to build in a lot of calculation for that stuff, but it sometimes results in “less useful answers than you would hope for” and you end up overriding it a lot, or at least, I do on the SO3. I think the hope is to get it to the point that it takes into consideration a) the material you’re using (you can set the material for everything) b) the tool and its coatings c) the specific machine you are using to come up with a “pretty automatic” system for CAM. Which would be helpful. You can set in there if the machine has an A axis, and so forth, and that changes both how their part optimization stuff works, as well as what machining strategies could be used.


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