Fusion360 Machine definitions revisited

Back in 2018 someone asked if there was a machine definition for the Shapeoko3 for Fusion360… and there wasn’t one out there at the time.

This feels like the kind of thing that is worth revisiting, given the new machine builder and machine simulation capabilities that just got introduced in a recent update.

Has anyone else built this out yet for any of the Shapeoko3 & Nomad variants?

It’d be good to get someone from Carbide3D proper to weigh in to validate parameters and settings for the machine range, maybe or @WillAdams or @Julien?

Bonus points if anyone has a tool library built out for the Carbide official tooling :wink:

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Hey @UnionNine, where have you been ? Nice to hear from Shapeoko veterans :slight_smile:

Would you have a link to a description of what the new features cover ? I remember reading that earlier forum thread you linked and thinking “meh…not worth it”, but maybe it got much more interesting now?

There is an old one floating out there (from @wmoy if I recall correctly), but it probably misses half the tools by now. We could maybe collectively come up with an up to date “community-sourced” version?

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Hi Julien! I’ve been 3d printing, mostly, for lack of workshop space to make a mess since moving up to Boston 3 years ago. But I’ve since cleared enough basement space and built a shapeoko enclosure, so time to make chips!

For the machine builder: Fusion 360 Machine Simulation - Machine Builder - YouTube

For tooling, I’ve been rebuilding my own library since I haven’t maintained it in some time, but it’s a mish-mash of tools from a bunch of vendors, and not the Carbide tool library.

Glad to contribute my tool definitions once I’m done updating them, given that you can now have lots of different presets for the same tool (instead of having to make copies of the tool with different settings).

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@UnionNine I would definitely be interested in a full machine simulation for my machine, now the real question is if I can fool the software in to letting me simulate an IDEX 3D printer.

I can no longer find the original Winston Moy library but it appears this person has helpfully forked it on GitHub

I would offer mine but I’ve messed about with all the settings since downloading it…

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What I have on Fusion 360 is linked from:


For the machine definitions, my understanding (possibly incorrect) is that they don’t seem to offer any real advantage, but I’ll yield that point to someone who actually uses Fusion such as @wmoy

Well I have now had time to watch that video, and I must say this is tempting, quite a leap from the previous machine configuration feature which was pretty much useless.

The coolness factor alone of previewing the execution of a job and see the virtual Shapeoko move while it cuts makes it worth trying

What I don’t have is a Fusion360 model of the Shapeokos (std/XL/XXL/Pro/4)
For this application it would not have to be detailed, but just representative of the rail sizes and travel distances.

Come on Autodesk, who wants to see a Haas as an example, use a Shapeoko for crying out loud :joy:

Sooo, I guess this is now on my list of cool things to look into…


There are some Fusion 360 models which may serve as a starting point at:


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And I have a couple that I’ve been using for my SO3 XXL here


In working to answer my own questions I’ve found a few things worth sharing:

  1. The official post for Carbide3D machines, last updated ~3 months ago as of today: Post for Carbide 3D (Grbl)
  2. Interestingly, there’s also a GRBL generic post and posts for some 3d printers like Prusa, for example.
  3. Similarly, at the same site, tooling libraries from a LOT of major vendors. I’ve used Destiny, Helical, and Harvey ones before. Tools for Autodesk Fusion 360 | Autodesk Fusion 360

Hope that helps folks :slight_smile:

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And I have started using Machine Builder based on Liam’s XXL model. Stay tuned


Doesn’t Fusion 360 come with those Post by default and update them as they update Fusion?

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So, that’s where I am

  • imported Liam’s Shapeoko XXL model
  • activated the Machine Builder features (in the Preferences / Preview features)
  • created a custom machine in Machine Builder: it’s still a little buggy, and I could not for the life of me figure out how to use the “offset” fields, but at this point the machine seems to move as expected
  • so I proceeded to try it and…got an error machine that the post processor must have MACHINE_SIMULATION_CAPABILITY added to it. Which led me to that page on how to do it, but it’s getting late and that will be for another day (and will most probably involve calling @neilferreri for help)

I’ll try to see this through, because this new feature AND the ability to model fixtures (think clamps) and preview a full job showing the machine moving around and cutting, and automatically detecting collisions, that would (will) be way cool


Nice work! (20 characters of nice!)

@Julien If we could get an updated official “defeatured” model of the Shapeoko to use for full machine simulations from Carbide3D that would be pretty swell. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

it’s likely not going to be “official”, rather community-sourced, but hopefully just as useful for the purpose of simulation.

I lied (to myself) yesterday about it being too late, I did have a go at modifying Neil’s post as instructed by Autodesk and…it still won’t work. I need to try with the reference post processor they provide as an example.


@Julien Well as long as it is an accurate model I suppose the source is less of an issue, though it would be nice too see an official C3D model.

Even if it is sans the features that are not pertinent to the simulation model such as motion system components. I know Haas gives them out as do other industrial CNC manufacturers, so it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to see it, none the less any updated model so long as it is accurate is better than none.

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@Julien How did you select the correct parts for the axes movements?
Can you share your model?

Turns out it was a known bug (this is a preview after all) and the unmodified machine definition was cached/not refreshed hence the error. So I have a modified post that’'s compatible, but now the simulation has the machine in the wrong orientation and it’s moving the whole machine around the piece. My test file is so messy right now that I won’t share it just yet, I need to restart from a clean state and will share then

Moving parts selection is also kinda buggy, I had to add the (~60) individual parts one by one down to the last screw

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I realized the same. I couldn’t get the XZ assembly to move with the Y.