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Not like you don’t have enough to keep you busy…

I would like more quick keys on the interface. I use a wireless keypad. I can now use them to move the router around. It would be nice if I could use the wireless tablet to:

  1. After I move the router to my origin, I’d like to set zero without having to go back to the computer.
  2. I need to be able to set Z to zero separately. So I can set it to the machine bed.

If you just added quick keys, I’m sure people would design handheld devices to implement them.

Right now I have to use the keypad to move the router, go to the laptop to set zero, then hit done, then go back to the keypad, move the router over the bed and down to the surface, then back to the computer to set zero, then hit done. This could all be simplified if you just added some more quick key.

Just sayin’ Thanks


I agree with the need for more support for more wireless remote functions and I would be very interested in a Carbide 3D wireless remote controller or C3D supported controller.


I added a similar request for alternative shortcut speed keys (1-4), They work in jog but for obvious reason the 1-4 keys do not work in in the set zero menu. If there was alternate shortcut keys I could map them to the game controller. I suggested more of a hidden or complex keystroke menu so they do not interfere with manually entering zero, or other normal keystrokes that could be accidently hit IE < L-Shift > < Control > < X > seems that would be hard to mistakenly hit but could be mapped. I assume hidden shortcuts to set x y z could also be mapped :slight_smile:

I am fortunate that I emulated the mouse to the joystick on the game control. So now I can control the jog functions and emulate a mouse to move around the screen. I like that I don’t need to go back to a mouse or keyboard. In fact my keyboard is in a drawer. :slight_smile:

The current menu structure is nicely laid out but is a little cumbersome. The keys I suggested would have to be available in the jog menu so you could do all your setup without going back to the laptop.

People do motion studies to reduce the number of step to accomplish a certain task. Motions = time = $$$ :slight_smile: What I suggesting would reduce the number of motions. I am just a hobbyist and only find it annoying, but people trying to make money should get a boost by this. Also it shouldn’t be hard to implement ( in theory )

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A BIG button option for touch screens would be nice. Sometimes when I am jogging the router, I’m watching the routers position and not the touch screen and my finger drifts off. While you are at it the button for probe z is particularly small in CM.

Also it would be nice to have a button/switch by the coordinates display to switch between metric and imperial on the fly. I work in both unit systems, and while I know I can change that in the config, being able to do it on the fly would be nice (or dual display in both unit systems)



I love my game controller. I can stick my eyeballs nice and close, I am “older” and eyes are not what they use to be :slight_smile: and I bring the controller with me. So nice. and it is only $20-$30. I agree having to change my focus back and forth would be cumbersome for me too.

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I highly recommend this SIMPLE solution: Flexible Roll Up Keyboard with Key Pad ($25)

  • The keys are sealed, so no dust can get in.
  • It plugs in by USB, so it’s compatible with tablets, laptops, etc…
  • The keypad on the right gives you direct access to all of the gantry movement shortcuts (1-4, pgup/pgdn, and directional arrows) .

I just keep this keyboard in the front middle of my shapeoko platform, along with an optical mouse, and I never have to use the touchscreen of the tablet (Fusion 5-Win10) that I use to drive my Shapeoko.

Any new shortcuts would be greatly appreciated - and as long as they’re standard keyboard clicks, my current solution will work with them.

  • Gary
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All keyboard shortcuts should be listed at:


and c.f.,

I didn’t know some of those quick keys existed for Create…great to know. But I think the question, wrt controllers, is mostly a carbide MOTION discussion. It’s anything that makes you look away from the workpiece that creates the issue. The more ways you can “feel” your way to Motion’s options without having to look at the computer, the better.


I’ve been thru almost every method to jog a Shapeoko. By far the easiest and cost effective in my opinion is the Rii mini-keypad.

1,2,3,4 = Jog speed
Right Upper Direction Pad = jogging X and Y
Page Up/Page Down = jogging Z

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