Gaming controller function for Carbide Motion

I read somewhere that you can use an X Box One controller for moving the Shapeoko around. Is this only limited to X Box controllers or do PS4 controllers work as well? And is there any instructions on how to get this to work?

It should work with any gaming controller which is supported by Windows (still working on the Mac support) — if you find one which doesn’t work, let us know and we’ll make a note of it.

We tested it with a Logitech F310, which is cheap and readily available.


I use a cheep gaming wireless keyboard and it works great once you figure out all the hotkeys…

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I wrote up a post on this here:

Does work fine with stolen Xbox controller. Not really stolen, just appropriated from my daughter who has a stash of damaged or discarded controllers. Oh, and mine has blue leds so I can find it at night in the dark…
Works way better than the contour pendant I tried. It kept giving me busy and errors. The Xbox controller shows busy, but no errors. And this on a surface tablet, old gen 2 that is wayyyyyy slow as compared to my laptop.

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Yeah, I was disappointed when I tried a Contour Design ShuttleXpress — was really hoping it would work out better.

Next up is trying a numeric keypad.

I’ve got a cheap ($5) wireless keypad. The issue I have with using it with CM is that I couldn’t tell what speed I had set and it was frustrating. Way more than clicking the up and down buttons on the Xbox controller.

Oh, I didn’t lose but $25 on the shuttle…dang it.

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