Gcode for 1911 Grips

Wondering if anyone has the gcode for 1911 grips already created, and is willing to share them.

G-code is machine/tool choice dependent, but Griff just posted these (Though i don’t know if hes tested it yet).

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I haven’t run any g-code yet. I’ve only done stl’s for prototyping in ABS.

Be aware the grip is for an officer’s frame so is smaller then a full size 1911. But, IF I got the constraints right you should be able to change the dimension between the screw centers to change them up to full size.

The codes included in the posted file are simply 1st stabs.

If one of the experts would like to show us how it’s done…check the file in the preceding post.

I’ll post the left grip at some point.

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Thanks. I found some STL files for both right and left full size grips. Of course, I’ve only ever used CarbideCreate, so I have no idea how to actually convert this STL into a CAM model that has cut paths etc.

I guess I can start with a simply carbide create, cut out the blank and worry about shaping later. but if i could manage converting (and i’ve looked at about 5 videos on fusion and converting, and i’m even more clueless now) to gcode in fusion it would be alot easier.

Any really good tutorial for fusion with shapeoko.

I unzipped the file, but I can;t find anything that fusion will allow me to open. The files I was working with have the grips standing up on the z axis.

If you’re talking about @Griff’s file, just delete the “.zip”. Is not actually a zipped file.

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Tutorial on fusion with shapeoko: There really isn’t one. The shakeoko isn’t “different” in fusion360 - it’s just another post. That means any tutorial on how to use fusion360 (3 axis milling obviously, anything lathe or 4+ axis is irrelevent) applies to shapeoko too.

We do have a basic note on it here: https://docs.carbide3d.com/software-faq/fusion360/

I managed to cut both left and right in walnut scrap today. I’m pleased how they came out and will post files/toolpaths tomorrow. You will most likely need to adjust the stock parameters in Setup to match whatever you have.

I’m sure the toolpaths can be better, will be experimenting more.

STL to CAM is difficult for most of us. I know I beat my head on the wall ‘til the blood ran in my eyes.

Best to buckle down and learn to design your own parts. Lots of help here.

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Check Here to import stl files into fusion360.

As discussed above, best bet is to spend some time learning fusion and design your own :slight_smile:

Found a decent video on F360 CAM with Shapeoko its long but it was informative

1st set of grips finished. 1911 80% build is now 90% complete. Just need to put on the matte black coating and cut some more grips.


I have made a ton of 1911 grips on my Shapeoko, but I’m not sure I’d be willing to share the G code. My process requires some fixtures and several steps of machining.

What I can tell you is that the 1911 grip shape is very simple and the blue prints are out there. It would make a great thing to learn Fusion 360 with.

Here is a full set of drawings for the 1911 A1 including the grips. https://brlcad.org/design/drafting/M1911-A1_REDUX.pdf

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For me it was blue tape and super glue. 2 3D toolpaths (adaptive and parallel) with 1/4” ball. Bored the holes and cut it out with a 1/8” flat. Easy peasy. I relieved the mount holes on the backside with my drill press.

As I continue to learn F360 my plan is to do some curved decorative grip designs and eventually inlay work.

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I’m slowly working through this with fusion. I’ve got the basic block worked out. Have the bevel on the bottom done (i probably did it wrong, but I used a chamfer). I’m trying to get the arc over the entire grip now, and can’t figure for the life of me how to do it. I created a new sketch on the plane with the thick end of the grip, created a tangent arc, and then did an extrude. But since the arc goes over the taper, i’m left with a blocky end. I need to do some kind of a trapezoidal extrude where the arc narrows as it goes up to the thin end. It would be nice if i could create 2 arc’s (one on each end, and some how join them together for the extrusion. Any pointers would be great. I think once I get this figured out, i;ve just got to put the holes in (and i have figured out how to do that already.

Griff. For some reason Fusion won’t open the f3d directory that i unziped your RHS. do you have any idea what that might be.

I can’t help much as I’m not near a computer, but youtube the ‘loft’ and ‘sweep’ tools, they’ll do what you need here

Thanks. just needed the pointer

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@sbade Did you look at Griff’s file or his recent thread?