GCode Sender which can pause job over local wifi network?

(John Gowrie) #1

I am using Motion v.3 at the moment. Just curious what is out there which would allow pausing of the job from a remote room by using a wifi network? I saw Octoprint CNC on the wiki but the link is dead and it seems they might just make software to run a 3D printer now. That had some really interesting abilities though of webcam monitoring and remote control from another room.

I can’t always be sitting next to the machine for hours on end. Right now I monitor the machine over my wifi network and an old iPhone as a webcam. Would be great if there is a way to have limited ability to at least pause a job from running if something happens. Nothing crazy technical ( i.e. If I have to know something above and beyond loading a piece of software that will allow this to happen, I’m probably not going to use it ). Is there a solution out there which is plug and play friendly or is this all stuff you have to hack on your own?

(John Gowrie) #2

lol… if there is no perfect answer for my request… it just dawned on me that maybe I can install a remote desktop control app on my phone… hmmm

Well looks like JUMP DESKTOP might be exactly what I am looking for.

(Evan Day) #3

I have not used it, but some folks on the forum are familiar with CNCJS. That might be an option as well, but I’m not sure.

Most of the instances I have seen of it in use are on Raspberry Pi, but it says it works on other computers as well?

(Griff ) #4

Or, Splashtop personal, free, I’ve been using it for years. Works really well with my iPad. Or iPhone.

I’ll be setting up a RPi/camera to monitor my printer and SO3. As soon as I noodle out how they all work together.

I even slapped together a hybrid case, oak/hdpe, for the Pi. Camera mount is for v1.1.

(mikep) #5

Or, when motion v4 is running, connect to the web service (yourmachine_ip_or_name:8080) and you’ll have a remote pendant that works pretty well.

(John Gowrie) #6

Mike, CM4 has this function built into it? I must have missed that when I was looking at the description of CM4 on the Carbide website. That is pretty much exactly what I am looking for. While I like the interfaces of some of the other gCode controllers better than what CM4 has, I would like to stay with what Carbide provides direct support for.

I’ll take a look at it. Thx!

(mikep) #7

Yes, it’s built into CM4. It doesn’t show up in any of the documentation or anything, I found it by accident. Works really nicely though. Does require that you be running GRBL 1.1

UGS has a “pendant” mode that will do the same thing.

(John Gowrie) #8

Is this something you have to turn on by entering some code? Not seeing where this might be in the CM4 menu

(William Adams) #9

It’s actually an intrinsic part of CM4’s architecture — it just runs, and I believe it’s a separate process from the front-end / GUI which actually is a series of HTML pages connecting to it.

(Dan) #10

I have all of my 3d printers and Shapeokos on wifi outlets so I can turn them off at anytime from anywhere. I also have wifi security cams on them so I can view them as well. As I am in and out of the house a lot, it helps that I can quickly glance at the progress and shut everything down if need be.

(John Gowrie) #11

Is this functionality explained anywhere in documents?

(William Adams) #12