Getting Post Processor set up in Fusion

Hi, new to Nomad. Fusion wants Post Processor selected on setup now, How do I get this set up

We have notes on this at:

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Where does it ask that?

I’ve actually already looked at that. The thing is that it isn’t like that anymore and there is no Carbide3d.cps listed that I can see

See screenshot. When Creating a new setup in Machining workspace, the first page has “Select Machine”

This is what the Post Process tab now looks like

Blanius: Where you define the post processor is in the “Actions” tab. See the top, 3/4th of way to the right side:

The “Setup” are you showing is only to define the stock, the workpiece orientation, zero location, etc, and has nothing to do with CarbideMotion / GRBL.


AH HA! Found it… It’s a little different now:
Video removed

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You don’t need to select a Machine. We had a big thread on that somewhere. I’ll dig out a link later.

Post process is in the same spot on the toolbar in the “Actions” panel. I don’t remember it being anywhere else.
Edit: Just as @kelaa stated already.


Ok sorry, I haven’t used Fusion for Machining and I though it used to be on the Setup on the last tab

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Here’s the link to last thread about machine definitions.


Might be worth noting that Fusion is likely to change these dialogs and features around again soon as they’re trialling NC programs as the new way to post CAM

I’ve been using that preview feature for a few weeks now and I think it’s a huge improvement.

I’ve been doing the same.
Curious…Why do you like it better?

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Aside from it fixing the target folder bug on OSX, the main aspect I like is that I can group the CAM paths that use the same cutter together into a named NC job which I can then just re-post with the same filename, overwriting the old one by just right clicking on the NC job after messing with toolpaths to fix things.

You can also really easily re-export just a couple of toolpaths, say when sneaking up on a measurement just by unchecking the others in the NC job.

I did confuse myself a bit by deleting and adding toolpaths in my folders under the setups and forgetting to go edit the NC job selections but I know that now…

I’ve also found the stock ‘from preceding setup’ to be an excellent addition for multi-sided machining, especially using the simulation to check what you’re cutting and when.

So, what did you like about it?


Are you guys paying for Fusion?

Noooop, not me.

The pay features I’d like are extra on top of the $400 / year such as the 4th axis machining and I don’t sell anything from my machine so I don’t feel guilty about it :wink:

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