Glass tile engraving

Just got done doing some glass engraving for some customer project. Simple little project, but we sell them cheap, and it keeps me busy (and pays for my addiction to needing to learn new skills. :wink:)


Awesome tutorial video! I’m still watching/enjoying, and thought I’d share this:

WOW! Thats close to the edge :slight_smile:
Make sure to get the maintenance kit.
It’s plenty strong enough to break the V wheels in a crash. I found that out from experience.
Nice updated clamps.

I’ll definitely have to look into doing this. It will make life so much easier. Thanks.

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Also in this application, you could definitely use two sided carpet tape, fixture wax, or similar.

For starters.
Then you could use spacers to repeatedly place your parts, then remove the spacers before the run.

I use tape for some things, but the idea of having to keep using tape doesn’t really sound like fun. It’s really about me wanting to play and do more interesting things rather than throw a few pieces of different thickness woods on the machine and just make some new hold downs. I think I am going to just have to do it. What I am really waiting on is for my surfacing bit to arrive from Whiteside on Wednesday so I can completely redesign my whole spoilboard, and make something that works better for the things I do rather than the one I made in the video which looks cool, but pretty much is a pain in the butt. Maybe I’ll make a video of me making a new spoilboard, and some new hold downs. Just need to order me some tee nuts on amazon.


That’s great to hear! Learning new skills can be a fun and fulfilling way to stay engaged and keep your mind active. It’s also rewarding to use those skills to create something for others, like your glass engraving project. Keep up the good work!

What font did you use for that glass work? Nice job for sure.