Got my Shapeoko to run a full job! Made a bit holder

I know this is a bit basic, but till now I’ve not been able to run my Shapeoko for any length of un-interupted time. However I can now, and to test the new board and axis I did 2 projects!

I was sorting out the garage and figured it was time to make a bit holder - nothing special but something functional and classic. It will cater for 6mm, 1/4, and 1/8 bits and has 162 spaces!

I used a 20x11x1.5cm block of Red Grandis with a clear wax. It’s a softer and lighter wood but looks great

Here is the file

Here’s a quick pick of the finished article



Are you able to re-share the file the link is dead.

Thanks in advance

Hi Jon

I’m afraid I’ve deleted the file now.

However V2 can be found here:


Thanks for sharing, I’m going to try this out.