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I’ve been using grbl panel pretty exclusively with my S3 lately. I’ve considered doing a full writeup of how to run the S3 with GRBL-Panel, but only if there’s interest.

If you’d be interested in a guide on using GRBL-Panel with the Shapeoko throw a comment or a like on this post and I’ll start writing something up.


I’ve run a couple of jobs with it, but I haven’t switched over from CM yet because the documentation on GP is rather slim. A basic doc explaining its features and menus would be great.

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It would be fabulous to have such a document either here, on the wiki, or at

Please can you? Is it similar to UGS?

It’s another gcode sender, like UGS, but more straightforward IMO.

Can you run Macros and probing?

Macros: Yes
Probing: Yes with Macros - though I believe there’s a bug/fr into the dev for adding this as a button.

A qualified “yes” from me. Can you tell me what’s better about grbl panel, a generic sender, then CM, a custom bit of software made for our machines?
I’m still up to my ears learning software to enhance my experience with my XL. I hesitate to add more burden to my already stretched capacity to learn :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

In short, it’s more direct and exposes more of the motion controller. CM is a very curated experience vs others that are much rougher, but more capable. iPhone vs Android is an approximate analogy, if you want to think of it that way. :smiley:

I’ve been using grbl-panel for 2 years now. It’s my sender of choice as well.

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So this weekend I started working through this process and realized that a write-up would likely be a lethal dose of boredom to anybody unfortunate enough to read it. I think I’m going to put together a video instead. Stay tuned.

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I’ve installed the panel. It’s amazing how little documentation there is (not) available. Clearly this package is designed for people with experience under the hood.

I look forward to your efforts, written or video!

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Video included in a new post: GRBL Panel Training (Video)


I wrote/contributed the original code for the Macro support. What bug is there regarding adding the buttons?

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Did I mention there was a bug with Macros? I don’t use them heavily TBH…

I’ve started switching over some jobs to G-P and wonder if it would be better to switch from the Carbide 3D post processor in Fusion 360 to the generic grbl. My jobs are so simple so it may not make a lot of difference so I thought I’d ask.

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I wish I used F360 more and could give a better answer. grbl-panel is a pretty pure gcode sender, so in theory the PP that’s tuned best for grbl itself should work the best.
I really should re-install Fusion…

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