Grounding for dust collection

I’ve recently been plagued with a lot of static electricity on my vac hose to the shop vac. I’m going to run a ground wire on it and have a couple of questions.

  1. should the wire be run inside or outside of the hose? I’ve heard both have their pros and cons.

  2. where is the best place to attach the ground wire? I feel I have 3 options. a: attach to the grounding block on the backend of the SO5Pro. b: attach to the outlet grounding screw. c: attach to a grounding rod on the outside of the shop. (I would need to add the rod)

Thanks in advance for all the advise.

Do not add a rod outside. Ground is ground but you can create ground loops. Electrical code requires a single ground for your system. The neutral wires go to neutral bus only because they can create ground loops if connected to the ground bus. So your ground on a 115vac plug will work and is simpler.

Run your ground wire on the outside to prevent dust/chip obstructions inside your hoses. Clip wire to hose closely and at about 12 inch intervals. Wire ties will work just don’t crush the hose.

Not sure which router/spindle you have but the Makita has a 2 wire plug and is not grounded. They are double insulated and code does not require ground. Not being grounded they are static magnets due to spinning bit, moving air and atmospheric conditions. So find a metal spot on the body to connect ground.

They do make anti static dust hoses like from Peachtree.


I’m in favor of just buying an anti-static hose, like this Rockler one. I ran a ground wire on my original hose and it didn’t anything to curb the static. I measured the resistance, and had it grounded properly, but it just couldn’t keep up with the volume of air I was moving. I was having software shorts because of this and the anti-static hose fixed all of my problems. Somethings are worth paying for IMO.

If you go with a wire, you can ground to pretty much any screw on the SO5. Measure the resistance with a multi-meter to confirm, but there are a few places where the machine’s wires are grounded directly to the gantry/frame that you can use.


May i ask what may be a silly question?
How do you know theres static in the hose? What were the first indications? Visual or actual physical awarness to the static?

For me it was seeing the small wood fibers spiking up on the hose.

The attached worked for me. I added a buss bar, running it to ground rods outside to add more protection for the fuse box as well as the machine.

The hose I have has the wire in it to support, I bared the end at the dust shoe, attached a wire. Followed the hose and pipe back to the collector. Placed the wire to the metal case. Wire to my buss bar.

I still notice static cling at the dust shoe. BUT no issues

Good luck

Grounding your Shapeoko - CNC Machines / Shapeoko - Carbide 3D Community Site


Thanks for the link. Awesome stuff.

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