Having a couple of issues

So I’m relatively new to CNC woodworking, and after an issue with homing switches which is now been resolved with the new proximity sensors, I’m having a problem running the hello world program where the Zed axis doesn’t go down far enough and marker doesn’t touch the paper. I’m also having an issue when using the bit Zero where it’ll do the z-axis no issue it’ll do the y-axis no issue but when it goes to do the x-axis it wants to Ram the fit into the bit Zero sensor.

Can anybody give me any ideas as to what’s going wrong and how to fix it?

Thanks in advance.

How low do you have the spindle/marker? Post a photo?

How are you setting the origin? See:

I’ll try to post a photo tonight, however in the mean time, the marker is in the groove and tight against the underside of the router mount. I have followed the instructions in the hello world video and set the zero origin at the bottom left corner of the paper.

Any ideas on the other issue I am having with the BitZero?

Hi @WillAdams,

Here are the photos of how the router is in the z axis as well as how the marker is on it. I’ve also included the start point of the Hello World

For the most part this evening the Hello World seemed to work ok, there was one spot where the maker barely touched the paper, but that might be an issue with the waist board.

Here is a link to the clip of the probing sequence issue that I’m also having.

Probing Cycle

The router should be mounted lower.

Ok that’s easy enough to change, what about the probing cycle problem?

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Your video doesn’t seem to be the right one. Also include a screenshot of your probing screen.

Oops, that’s my mistake

Here’s the correct video

Probing Cycle take 2

I’ll have to get the screenshots tomorrow when I’m back in the garage

Move the probe to the front left corner of the wood and try again. You look to be at the back left corner. Last time I used mine the only option with that probe was front left corner.

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Another tip… If all you will be mounting to the table is squares/rectangles. Always set your zeros to the center of the workpiece. Put a piece of painters tape in the middle of the wood. Put a straight edge going from corner to corner across the wood in each direction and draw a line each time, you will end up with an X. Put a V groove bit in and center on that line. Swap out bits to your live cutter and now set Z. Perfect 0,0,0 in 1/4 the time.

I tried uploading a photo of my homemade pen holder but having trouble getting it from my phone to this post. Any way, I make lots of drawings. I use them as patterns. The way they show attaching the pen to the router isn’t secure, the pen will eventually slip. There’s two screw holes on the side of the router mount to attach a pen holder.


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