Having trouble with my spoil board flattening

This is the first time I’ve done this and I’m not sure if it’s the software or the machine. I made my tool path in vcarve pro following the video tutorial from mark Lindsay on YouTube. It did a really nice job but it left about a 3/8 line on the back of my spoil board that it didn’t cut. I have tried to adjust my y axis and my tool path to get my 1 1/4 fly cutter to Finnish it. I keep getting a y axis error where it says that do to the zero position either with my tool path or the zero of the machine it will run into the ends of the machine. I am at a loss of what to do and I am wondering if anyone has experienced this before and can give me some insight as to what to do.

What machine do you have?

Limitations apply to some machines as to how far the usable cut area is. Let us know, we will help you out.

A shapeoko 5 pro 2x4 machine

Do not have the 5Pro… Found this on Cut Rocket. Follow the instructions per the file note.

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In this graphic the stock size is the size of the surface-able portion of my hybrid table on my 4x4 (47 3/8" x 49") and the offset vector is a 1/4" in bigger (a fourth of my 1" fly cutter) on all sides. Just setup my machine last night and this worked perfectly.

I found machine center by putting Carbide Motion in machine coordinates and jogging things as far forward to the left as possible. That gave coordinates (-1237, -1237) so I know exact machine center is (-618.5, -618.5). I made a Carbide Motion macro to move to this location ‘G53 G0 X-618.5 Y-618.6’ to make coming back to this location super easy in the future.



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Here’s the path I made for my 4x2 using the mcFly cutter. It does leave a little triangle on some of the South side board ends.

4x2sp5.nc (3.1 KB)

Tail light warrantee !

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I cheated when I did mine.

Made a 48.5 x 48.5 square, center justified, made the center of the table the datum and cut it using offset. Still had a gap on the back so I made a 48.5 wide and 3" deep square, cut ‘raster’ and just set my zero about 2.5 off the back edge to finish that part the ‘offset’ cut did.

Not elegant but it worked.

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