HDM Y Covers, source or manufacture

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Has anyone made Y covers for their HDM?

Mines kicking ass with feed rates but every once in a while ill miss steps when chips pile up.

Subtle flex there with the having your hdm and all…


Not that I have an HDM :slight_smile: . . . But before I had dust collection I had that issue as well…

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haha sorry brother, didnt mean to flex. just trying to figure out teething issues

unfortunately with heavy chip loads, i need air blast with coolant otherwise im clogging flutes and breaking cutters. So dust collection probably wouldnt work

sounds like you are cutting metal as well if coolant is involved…

oh yeah, all aluminum. HDM bread and butter

Cleverly mounted bristle brush type things should work. There are also roll up style covers but might have to do some digging

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Can you post a few pictures I’d like to see how they are piling up enough to jamb the axis. Bellows are easy to mount and will keep the Y axis rails clear by blocking the 1" wide slot. If you are letting that many chips build up you might get to the point where it will force them past the seals into the bearings.

I looked into the roll up covers but they are not cheap and I’m thinking maybe a light air blast from a large hydroponics air pump for the X and Z axis to keep chips off of the rails.


Can we get @WillAdams @wmoy @Luke to chime on this. Seems like a pretty significant oversight if it’s causing missed steps.

I don’t think it’s an oversight.

I talked to Luke and he said this is something they considered but didn’t seem to much of a risk.

In midrange feeds rates doesn’t seem to be much of a problem.

Im maxing the spindle out(with some wonderful recipes from @Vince.Fab at ProvenCut) and need a dual air blast too keep that going and that has me throwing chips in areas I don’t think they would normally reach

I love the idea of air chip clearing in there and I’m going to try and develop some Y covers. If It doesn’t work out, I may use air blast.


I can try to make something when my HDM arrives.


Me too.
On a related note, anyone wanna send me an HDM?


Have you tried 200 CFM with a Sweepy V2? It does remarkably well evacuating chips.

LOL I think Carbide3d should send you one 'for science.


Ill take one for “Science”. There is some much “Science” I want to do on that thing.

EDIT: Just realized how Kinky that sounded. lol


Save that for Reddit :nerd_face:

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Would not be the first time

Figured out a simple solution that I’ll be modeling and prototyping over the upcoming week.

I’ll post pictures and files up once I have them made.