Help File or a user manual

How about a user manual or a functioning help menu within Carbide Create Pro? This is the only software I have ever used that I have to go watch YouTube videos to learn a function of the software. Very tedious. At a min a tool definition should pop up if you place curser over the icon. The 3D modeling tools are not intuitive for anyone used to CAD software, like I am. The videos Kevin has done on this help some but he goes through it too fast and doesn’t fully explain how each tool works most of the time. It’s basically, oh just click on all the buttons until it does what you want. I guess at this price point, this is what you get.

Please see:

and for Pro:

Thanks William, that answers a couple questions but ultimately you guys should provide illustrative examples of how the 3d model tools work, showing how options like base height, merge type, limit, angle, scale height effect results. Pictures make it easy to understand what the tool is doing.

On another note:
If I use a dowel probe pin to set x,y and z zero by touching top of either the stock or using Bitzero, the top of the probe block, when Motion asks for the first tool to be loaded, will it reference the probe z zero to now adjust for the first tool z position? I assume this is what Bitzero is supposed to do?


Yes, if the Z-axis zero is set using the BitZero:

when one changes the tool using the BitSetter the new tool length will be used as an offet to adjust things so that the Z-axis zero is maintained.

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