Help Machining Wasteboard

Hey everyone, I’ve owned my Shakeopo 3 for ~1yr now (had to prioritize things with corona) but hoping to finally set it up properly, so I can play around with it in my free time rather than being another project stuck on the backburner.

What I’m Doing:
I’ve reviewed the official guide here on machining your wasteboard and have set up the design below.

I tested this basic hole alignment using the sharpie and everything lined up, made slight design adjustments, and I’m now looking to get done.

The design is set up in Carbide to use the full 16"x16" build space and the holes are aligned based on the center of the board so in my original testing the X-axis is perfectly ok.

I’ve also watched some guides on CNC machining, specifically holes to the point I understand the basic tool paths and my test with a sharpie seemed to also confirm I’m all set in that respect.

Where I’m Stuck:

I now need to properly set up the dimensions for the Y-axis because the small holes (there’s currently 1 as I haven’t placed the others) in the design have to be inset a specific distance (I think about 22mm) from the front edge of the wasteboard. I’m not sure how to reliably calibrate the machine to do this…

To further clarify, the holes will be staggered, the larger holes will be inset one distance and the small holes will be inset at a different distance.

In the guide, specific G-Code is given to bring the bit to a pre-determined position, but it’s unclear to me how I’d calculate the G-Code or manually zero the Y-axis to the front edge of the wasteboard.



Hope I’m understanding the original question.

To zero to the front edge of the wasteboard:

  1. install a fine endmill, or better, one that comes to a point… like a v-carving bit
  2. click the jog tab
  3. set the increment to fast, then use the directional buttons to drive the router toward the front edge
  4. lower z (switch to a smaller increment as needed) until you’re just slightly above the surface
  5. move y in 0.25 or 1.0 mm increments using the jog buttons until the sharp tip of your v-bit is just above the edge of the waste board where you want it
  6. click the zero offsets button, then click zero y
  7. now anywhere you jog the machine should give you a readout in y relative to that front edge
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