Help needed on creating tool path

Help needed: I am needing someone to come along side me and write the tool pass for a wavy flag with the army reserve signa on the stripped area. I have found other service signa but haven’t found the army reserve, can someone help with this?

Wrote up a bit on this sort of thing at:

and c.f.,

If you get stuck, post the file or mail it in to and we’ll do our best to walk through it w/ you.

google “Army reserve insignia logo seal”

Are you wanting a 3D wave? i.e. has up/down contour in Z, or just a flat, 2D wave?
If 3D, do you use CC Pro?

I am a beginner, for sure. I am still learning Carbide Create, the free version. I have a son, daughter and son in law that just returned from the middle east on deployment. I thought it neat if I could present them with a flag that I built with the Army Reserve signa in the flag. I think I understand now that the wave probably will not happen, but a flag with the Army Reserve in it is possible. I think. I am just proud of my kids and want to show them.

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