Help on proper grounding of HDM


New to CNC machining and am in process of setting up my HDM, 220V spindle. I’ll be cutting mainly composites, carbon, fiberglass, G10, but also MDF, and aluminum.
Can anyone point me to info on grounding the HDM and dust collection properly? Or provide advice on doing so? I call electricians Gandalf because electricity is like magic to me… I just dont get it!

Please see:

Mostly it’s just a matter of identifying each electrically isolated component of the machine, then running a wire from there to the ground point in a star topology so as to avoid ground loops.

Mainly, I have read of folks having issues with machine cut offs, and many suggestions on grounding the spindle and various other recomendations including grounded dust collection systems.
Carbon fiber and the epoxy resin matrix accumulate static readily. I’ve seen large carbon parts put guys on the ground while pulling off the release films.
Just searching for advice and trying to properly prep.

The newer electronics are much more resistant to EMI — should be fine.

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