Help with 3D shape

Hello Carbide 3D Users,
I am trying to carve a smooth slot in a table for poker chips. I have the size i want but when i make the 3D shape the edges are very jagged and not smooth. Any ideas on what i could chance to make this a smooth edged shape?

I would cut a test piece if you can. I’ve seen similar artifacts in the 3D visualization but they don’t show up in the machined part. The smoothness of the final part comes down to cutter, step over, etc.

We actually just covered this:

and see:

for an alternate approach.

The big determination for appearance in Carbide Create’s 3D model tab is Stock Size | Model Resolution:

Be sure to set that to “Very High”

also be sure View | High Resolution Simulation is checked:

and the last consideration is how the Model Resolution interacts with Stock Size — a smaller Stock Size will allow for a more detailed model.

If you’ll let us know the specifics and which tool you wish to use we will do our best to walk through this with you.

Try changing the material in the preview. I think the material chosen may be what is looking like it is not smooth. Some of the materials in the simulation look awful with certain simulations.

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