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I’ve been stuck on creating this design for about 3 days and I’ve had zero luck with getting it to look the same. Any help would be appreciated! Attached is what I have created and the picture it’s supposed to look like. thanks Hospital Door Hanger.c2d (485.3 KB)

What would really help with this, is if you had a flat image of it, either a scan or a photograph.

That way you could import it in to Carbide Create and - short version - draw around it.

For the long version, there are plenty of guides on here on how to do it - like this one where Will talked me through the very same question: (Importing a file or a backgound image).


To get you closer, it might help to look at that shape as four ellipses overlapping each other.


Or, just draw it with the Curve tool — first inset by 0.25 (grid spacing and delete the original (this so that snapping to node won’t interfere):

Then just draw:

dupe and mirror:

and adjust by going into Node Edit:

It will help to do this to the original outline as well:

and to Boolean union them so that one has a uniform and symmetrical original to work from:

and drawing in additional geometry to help with the symmetry:

As you finish a feature, flip the part which you are working on in place:

and adjust the rotated geometry.

Interestingly, it is possible to select multiple pieces of geometry and go into Node Edit:

Eventually one arrives at:


door hanger redrawn.c2d (15.5 KB)

Finishing it is left as an exercise for the reader.


Thank you very much for showing step by step how you did it! Very much appreciated!

I was thinking two ellipses and a squircle (spell check/correct really doesn’t like that word), but I guess I’m more nerdy than most.

Will, is it possible in CC to do half or quarter of the shape and then mirror it for a more perfect symmetry?

Yes, mirror/flip, then Boolean union — the problem with doing that is one gets a polyline which isn’t easily edited after.

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