Help with software and Shapeoko 3 HDZ upgrade

All - I just finished the hardware install for my HDZ upgrade. I’m ready to move on to the machine settings in Carbide Motion, but I think the docs may be out of date.

The instructions at are very specific (highlighted in red TWICE) that I should not attempt to home the machine without completing these steps. On pg 13, step 6 reads:
“Select your Shapeoko type from the dropdown list, then tick the Use Shapeoko HDZ checkbox.”
The guide was written for CM version 4.0.17 which means absolutely nothing at all to me, since apparently the software now uses build numbers and not version numbers. I just downloaded CM build 575 and in Settings, where there should be a drop-down list, there’s just my machine in a fixed text field - and no checkbox for HDZ.

I deleted the software and re-installed, thinking that maybe once CM had been installed and configured, it didn’t allow that setting to be changed. Sadly this didn’t solve the problem.

SOOO CLOSE! Any suggestions?

Please see:

Select the Load Defaults button and that is where you pick your machine.

When you send the config that is where it will confirm the Z type.

Also dont forget to go to the second tab and uncheck the BitSetter. You will set that up after getting initialized.

The HDZ is refereed as ballscrew and the Z-Plus is leadscrew.

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