Help with toolpath setting to reduce time

MARKS 626.c2d (604 KB)

Hello, I’m working on this project for a friend and after setting the toolpaths realized its going to take over 5 hours to cut. I’m new to this and it’s a fairly large project so is this normal or are there some settings i can tweak to help reduce the cutting time? Thanks!

There’s something wrong with the second ‘6’, I think you need to re-center the “626” text.

For the 1/4" clearing bit, I’m sure your DOC could be quite a bit higher, like .10" or .12".

Your cut-out toolpath with the 1/8" bit could be a problem - very deep for 1/8", and a slot as well. The tabs are also pretty beefy, you can probably make them say 1/4" tall (perhaps even less). Cut a pocket using a 1/4" tool down to the tabs, then run the 1/8" from there. Or just use 1/4" bit top to bottom.

Retract height - 1/4" is likely more than you need. Try .1"

That knocked about an hour off.

Same project with those changes applied attached.
MARKS 626.c2d (744 KB)


For the VCarve, if you change the DOC of the clearing bit to .10, AND change the total depth to .200 (so only two passes needed), that reduced the time for the VCarve from 206 minutes to 144 minutes, so another hour.


How long are the flutes on the 1/8" downcut tool you are using?

Is it suited to cutting 3/4" deep into material?

You should add offset geometry and cut as a pocket down to tab height or the penultimate pass:


Appreciate the help, bro!

I think I’m going to switch that final cut to a 1/4 downcut like Michael suggested. I’ll play with the offset geometry option though. Thanks!

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I really like to use these to get Perfect points on the inside corners.

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