Best Bit for full cut through

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What is the best bit for full cut-through of material?
Trying to make a beer flight (similar to charcuterie)

One which has a cutting flute length equal to or greater than the thickness of the stock — pretty much any tool should work.

Big thing is the toolpaths — if cutting out, rather than just cutting a slot:

Offset to the outside by endmill diameter plus 10% or so:

Then cut as a pocket:

down to tab height or the penultimate pass:

then move the contour down to below the pocket and start cutting at the bottom of the pocket:

and go back and add tabs:

which previews as:


For clean edges on both the top and bottom, a compression bit works well.

I’ve used the ‘Jenny’ bit and have been very happy with the results. Its distinguishing feature is a very short upcut section, so you don’t need a deep DOC to take advantage of it.


Excellent advise. Thank you very much!

As Will says, cut as a pocket with slight offset. this makes the cut larger than the diameter of your bit but keeps the friction from building up. That could lead to heat and/or gripping the bit to pull it loose from its collet. On a small diameter, it is not much of an issue, but repeated cuts could cause problems.

I typically cut only part way through then use my router table to finish with a flush trim bit. So with 3/4 stock, the cnc cut goes to about 1/4 inch deep. This saves a lot of time.

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Just to clarify for my thick skull if I may…

I bought my Pro 5 to do signage, but also plan to do guitar builds with Fusion.

So to cut a 1.75" Telecaster body, I want my flute at least that length, 2" is better.

Any suggestions for the proper end mill?

I ask because I found a few forums that suggest its ok to use a smaller length flute. But doesn’t this mean your shaft will really heat up ?

thank you!

For cutting all the way through a 1.75" stock in a toolpath which leaves a vertical feature one would want either at least 1.75" of cutting flute length, or to do it in a 2-sided job using at least 0.875" of cutting flute.

There have been a couple of discussions of long reach endmills here — I’ve had good luck w/ a 1/8" from Garr Tools.

Yes, if the shaft rubs along a vertical feature it will warm up — a work-around is a tool w/ a relieved shank such as:

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+1 on “The Jenny” tools, I’ve been impressed with the end mills and Vs I’ve gotten from him.

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