High school sign cut out of pvc

This is one of several signs I’ve made using pvc board . The signs turn out pretty clean and crisp looking , just hard to keep them from getting scratched and fixing them when they do suffer a scratch or two before the last layer of sealer is applied . The cut went great until the very last exit on the board at the top right hand corner . The machine was set the exact same way one both ends but for some reason the right hand corner appeared to be off a bit at the end of the cut . The board was flush and level so idk


That is a terrific result and you are likely the only person to see what you are calling an error.

Is this the same stuff I just saw yesterday at home depot? Only it was 1/4" thick, $41.00 for a 4’X8’ sheet in either white or gray.

Yours looks thicker, like 3/4"

Great job, like me you are critical of your own work.

Some big box stores carry 3/4 inch. Around me no one carries it. Search lowes.com and use stores near you to see if one carries it. Same for homedepot and menards. Builder suppliers for pros might carry it.

Great job. I use PVC a lot and like the way it cuts.
Here’s a flag i made with 3/4 PVC



That looks amazing ! Great job ! How do you paint it ?

Thank you for your kind comment

I did buy it at lowes …. It is 3/4 inch thick … it’s smooth on one side and rough on the other . It’s perfect for signs like the one I made on my shapeoko

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I cover everything but the star area with tape then spray it blue. Then i cover the blue area and spray everything red. When its all dry i take a small 4 inch foam roller and do the whole top white. I don’t press down too hard or use too much paint so it doesn’t get down into the cut areas. It usually takes two coats on the top white to get all the overspray covered. I use a heat gun to dry everything between top coats so i don’t have to wait for the paint to dry. When everything is done and dry i spray everything with clear coat to protect it.

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One other comment. I buy the PVC boards and not the larger panels. The widest board they have is 11 1/4. Sometimes i want to do a project that requires a wider board so i was trying to figure out a way to glue 2 11 1/4 in boards together to give me a 22 inch width. So i started thinking, this is PVC Board. So how about using PVC cement made for plumbing. I had some clear PVC cement so i tried gluing 2 boards together and it works great. Dries in just a few minutes and makes a super strong bond. I run the boards through the table saw and trim the sides to get a clean edge before gluing. You would need some type of setup to glue the boards together and clamp them so you get a nice even joint. At first i made my own clamping system but saw these on rockler and decided to upgrade. A little pricey but i bought 3 and they work great. Four sided clamping on the panels

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Here’s another PVC sign i did for a business

IMG_Auto Bra


All of the boards that I find at the big box stores are closed-cell inside. I haven’t seen any that are simply cast or extruded like pvc pipe is.

Can you return a part number for reference? Thanks!

All the boards i purchase are solid core. They are sold at Lowes, Home Depot and Menards. The manufacture is either Veranda or Royal Building Products. Search for Royal Building Products and you will find them. They come in 5 1/2, 7 1/4, 9 1/4 and 11 1/4 width by 8 or 10 foot length.

I’m not sure what you mean by closed cell. But Your right they are not solid like PVC pipe, but they do cut well

Ok, that’s what I wanted to know.

The usual suggestion for sourcing solid PVC is to purchase a suitably large PVC pipe, cutting it length-wise, then using a heat gun so soften it so as to flatten it using a suitable form to keep it flat.

That’s a super sharp sign :+1:t3: Thanks for all the great information! I’ll have to try your painting techniques :blush:

I cant imagine doing this and ending up with anything that is usable. Has anyone actually done this? And what would be the advantage since the PCV board cuts very well. The PVC board interior has a rough texture inside but does not have any spaces or voids.

PVC boards are made using foamed/cellular PVC, so are lighter in weight, but not as tough as the solid material of a flattened pipe.

Apparently there are YouTube videos on it.

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New Design with 3/4 PVC Board.
American Flag with USA Outline

More of the stars could be removed since there aren’t 50 of them.
Then make the remaining stars larger

Red Cutout Stripes. White Stars with Blue Background. White top coat

American Flag 1 W Outline.c2d (1.0 MB)

Made some Modifications

American Flag 1 W Outline.c2d (314.9 KB)