High school sign cut out of pvc

I’ll stick with getting pvc sheets at lowes lol little more expensive but much less work lol

Super Cool. Can I ask, was what were your steps in getting it red?

You can get non foamed PVC sheets. I wouldn’t use them for signs though.
Ask a plastics supplier for Type I and Type II PVC sheet.


I cover everything but the star area with tape then spray it blue. Then i cover the blue area and spray everything red. When its all dry i take a small 4 inch foam roller and do the whole top white. I don’t press down too hard or use too much paint so it doesn’t get down into the cut areas. It usually takes two coats on the top white to get all the overspray covered. I use a heat gun to dry everything between top coats so i don’t have to wait for the paint to dry. When everything is done and dry i spray everything with clear coat to protect it.

Why not use for signs?

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I guess I don’t really have a reason. I don’t know how thick you can get.
It might make good, durable sign letters or address numbers. I have a sheet of about ¼"… Not sure what to do with it. I’m open to ideas. I thought I’d use it for electronics enclosures, but my students typically make small stuff.

Thank you … I paint the pvc board first …let it dry at least 30 min or so then spray it with satin clear coat , any brand and let it dry about 15 min . I try to do the painting process the night before so it doesn’t take so long to get the cnc on the job lol with that being said …you will get little wormy looking frays on the edges of the letters and lines of the design , no worries , it cleans up easily . Kinda like therapy after the cut lol I hope that helps :+1:t3:

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Aaah. I got it. So you don’t even “need” any masking tape. As you cut, it “reveals” the white pvc. Cool beans. Will have to get some that stuff and try it one day. I bet it’s great for Outdoor Signs

So you don’t paint the cut out letters, just use the natural color of the PVC. Good Idea. That makes things a lot simpler. That would work if your design top is all one color and the cut design is all white. For my flag that wouldn’t work.

And that’s why I don’t use the foamed PVC (that is available in much quantity!) I just don’t like the look of the exposed interior (or any side that is cut) and even if its sanded and painted, it still looks rough.

Having said that, the fact that @Bonniecuth can sell the signs and satisfy a need is commendable! :smiley:

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First try on this one.

USA Flag


That’s Exactly right …. The other reply about it being rough after the cut is correct , it does require some clean up but it’s kinda therapy for me lol

Your version is too far away from our real American flag for me to like it. I think you missed it with the bloated stars.

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Thank you , you’re very kind :blush:

Your entitled to your opinion. But i like it. Its called artistic license.
This is the regular one i did.



I love it !!! I commend your hard work and willingness to put ur work out there for all to see :+1:t3: Keep up the good work . I’ve found every project is a process w shapeoko and carbide motion or any other program that we use to pour ourselves into to create works of art .

Here’s a couple more i did in PVC





Very nice signs :+1:t3: So with the bottom two …. I’m assuming you paint them afterwards ? Do u use a small foam roller ? They look really nice :blush:

Do you use any other bits for your machine other than what you received with your machine ? Do you use a downcut bit when doing your signs ?

Yes just a small foam roller for the top coat. And just the basic 1/4, 1/8, and 1/16 bits. Don’t know if their upcut or down cut