Hit the Wall on Ideas

I’ve practiced on my Shapeoko Pro XXL now since the first of this year when it arrived. I feel a need to do something worthwhile now and not just practices and tests. I have a 2’ x 4’ piece of birch playwood. I’d like to make something out of the entire piece or maybe multiples of a useful tool made from this piece of plywood.

Any ideas what I might do with it?

sorry…3/4" thickness

Thickness of the plywood?

Do you have any other materials which you would wish to include in the build?

Not sure how thick the plywood is but a couple of ideas comes to mind.

A toy helicopter from CutRocket.com

Or - if you are a woodworker - wooden knobs for jigs are always useful.


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make a (small) piece of furniture and then use the opportunity to test Osmo oil finish on that ply, like @LiamN did on the cool desk in that post:

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I’ve tried walnut and have some of that and some 1" rough stock - not sure what it is but it’s very stringy.
I’ve used resin/epoxy with some success. I thought about gluing together two 18" x 8" pieces of this 3/4" plywood and trying to make make-up holder for my wife with various sized holes for her brushes, lipstick, tweezers and other things like that. Even 1 1/4" thickness is probably not enough and needs about 2 1/2". These brushes and things are top heavy and need to fit about 70% into the thickness to stay upright.

Thanks for the ideas.

Is your wife a gardener?

I think you could manage to make a kneeling bench out of that much wood (depending on height).

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Don’t use solid layers and you’d have no problem making that.
Something like this:

Or one like this, but with hexagons of course.


What about some clamps & guides for the machine. Something like Bamboo clamp set made using an IKEA APTITLIG

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I made a few organiser when starting a year ago with birch plywood, There are simple and useful. Here are two of them. First one is finished with shellac and the second is waiting for a black paint. The second one requires a 3d software to round the edges, it was a good practice.

Also like suggested by Tod, I have done some clamps. Done also a bit organiser…

Hoping that it might inspire you something…

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Thank you all . Great ideas and inspiration!!!