Homing error on z and x axis

just finished assembling my Pro XL and getting Homing cycle failure msg.
when initializing the Z axis makes a grinding sound and moves to limit but doesnt back off. i switched the x and z plugs on the controller (trouble shooting method by Carbide support) and z moved along the x axis to limit switch and just stayed there and started vibrating (didnt pull off).
not sure what is happening but sure could use some help.
thank you,

Did you setup Carbide Motion with the machine and send the file over? Do you have the correct Z access selected? If those have been done make sure the Y access in’t hitting the homing switch in the back. The switch may need to be slid down a little to clear.

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yes set up w machine (Pro XL) and trying to slide homing switch down in back as y axis is hitting it but even after loosening screws it wont slide down.

Did you also send the Grbl configuration for your Z-axis?

For the new inductive homing switches:

the window “Z-axis type” does not appear after is hit load defaults.
i have carbide motion Build 536? for a Shakeoko Pro XL

You do have the latest CM build. The drop down gives you the pro and when you select yes it should pop up the Z-Type. I just did this on buddies Pro last week. I selected Z-Plus for the Z. Maybe since the Pro only has one Z available it skips it. So if that’s the case click send configuration data and you should be good to go.

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yes not sure why it does not give option for Z-Type.
i sent configuration again as i have been doing but z axis just continues to make grinding sound and homing fail error still come up on screen.

Z-axis type is covered in Grbl configuration.