Homing issue please help

Hey I’m new and just finished setting up the xxl. I’ve tried the homing but it keeps on going to the top right corner and stays there. Does anybody have a solution to this?

Check your homing switches. That could be the problem. Make sure they are engaging and are not lose.

I already did that. I press the homing switch in and the lights blue lights turn on.

Is the switch hitting the side plate? Cut off machine and push it to the right by hand till it hits the side. Is switch pushed in?

Yes the switch is hitting the side

That’s what homing does.
What happens after that?

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Nothing happens. It touches a few times then it stops.

Make sure you’ve sent the machine configuration: https://docs.carbide3d.com/support/carbideupdater/#carbide-motion-v4

There is a basic page on troubleshooting the homing switches at: https://docs.carbide3d.com/software-faq/home-switch-troubleshooting/ There is also a Carbide 3D Answer video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7lOLMAcl_0&feature=youtu.be

Please check that the switches are plugged in correctly, and work properly — when the machine powers up the homing indicator lights should flicker on/off, then once the controller is booted up you can test the switches by pressing them — the matching light should light while the switch is pressed (closed), and should go off when the switch is released (open).

Please make sure that the machine can mechanically close the appropriate homing switch on an axis before reaching the limit of travel along that axis — if it can’t, it should be possible to adjust a problematic switch’s placement by loosening the hardware in question, pulling it into a better alignment and then tightening it. The machine being out of square can also affect this, squaring up the machine, or more expediently, securing a small block or plate for the homing switches to contact may be necessary.

Did you try to jog the spindle after homing from the Carbide Motion Jog page or is it stuck in the corner?

When you home, it goes to the back and after that it is ready to be moved to set your zero.


That’s what it should do. It’s home.
What are you trying to do after the machine homes?


Thanks I’ll try again tomorrow.

I don’t think folks actually read all the words sometimes! :smiley:

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Somehow I’m more confused by this thread than @gmack’s quest for power data. :thinking:
Am I missing something?

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Please, let me know if this doesn’t help your understanding, feel free to ask questions, you apparently aren’t the only one. Maybe @WillAdams would be kind enough to re-open that thread so questions can be asked there!

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Don’t think so :thinking:

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!! I’m currently driving back to Fort Worth from California. Wife is currently driving :zipper_mouth_face: and reading all of the forum posts is keeping me “almost” sane :crazy_face: Thank you @neilferreri for the comic relief!


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I’ve opened that topic.

Thank you for that and for always being there (24/7?!) with timely and exceptionally well thought out and polite advise (and support) for those that need it - like me and the OP (@easy). You deserve a pay raise sir! :star_struck:


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