How can I do this?

This a cookie mold. I’ve been asked if I can do it on my XXL.
Say I have an image, say a mandala. How do I get it to cut? Pocket the parts?

I do apologize as I am having a brain fart of a day. Thanks in advance.

Try advanced v carve with 1/16 bit and 60 degree vee bit. Cookies are small.


I think you don’t even need advanced, a regular v-carve should do (there is no flat bottom area in that example picture). The “hard” part will be finding a suitable vector, but then it should only be a matter of selecting the whole vector and creating a v-carve toolpath (I agree on the 60° or less for the vbit )

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The shape should be simple to cut out with a VCarve path (as Guy and Julien say)

It might just be the lighting, but that particular mold appears to have a concave surface. To do that, you’d need to first have a model for a concave shape, and do something like “project toolpath on to model” offered by things like VCarve Desktop.

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It looks CCPro will do the modeling for you across a concave surface then assign a v-carve to the graphic

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While one can model things as if one is doing a V carving, one won’t be able to use a V carve Toolpath EDIT: in Carbide Create, w/o external processing — at this time, that’s the domain of vector graphics only w/in Carbide Create.

If done w/ a concavity, this would need to be fully modeled in 3D, then cut using 3D Toolpaths (which arguably, would be better suited for a mold) since they would be cut w/ ball-nosed endmills which would result in a more rounded shape which would simultaneously fill and release more readily.

there’s an experimental option… you can “wrap” the gcode for the 2D vcarve over a 3D shape… even if the 2D shape is a V-carve.
See Test cuts with the newly installed spindle for some of the details.

It’s obviously not an easy click click done kind of process, but impossible it is not… you can either wrap gcode over an STL (which means you need something to make an STL file for the base) or…
use NCNC2NC - javascript edition to use the gcode of the finishing pass from carbide create to overlay the gcode of the vcarve.

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