How do I restart a Huanyang VFD after pushing STOP button

The title says it all, I’ve managed to get my spindle and VFD running off my arduino board and through UGS apart from some speed calibration issues. I’ve noticed that if I push the STOP button while the spindle is running it won’t restart neither through a UGS spindle reset or by pushing any of the buttons on the VFD, the display on the VFD also starts flashing. It works again if I power down the VFD and then power it up again. Is there a parameter setting of button combination to start the VFD again?

Could the acceleration settings be wrong, and it is going over current when it is trying to stop?

I don’t think so the spindle starts and stops when a short test program is run several times without a problem.

Hi @JappieMike

The doc for PD024 (which is probably set to 1 on your VFD) states:

"When the control mode is set for external terminals or communication control, STOP key on the
panel can be chosen to be valid or invalid. When choosing it as valid, STOP key can stop the
inverter in running. When it needs to restart, the former running signal must be released before
restarting the inverter."

I’m not sure which “running signal” must be released (PWM? FORward run ?) and what this means (i.e. does it mean released as in not driven at all, or just inactive…but then your PWM is “inactive” in idle, so it would work. If that’s FOR, then you’re stuck as I guess you have it hardwired)

I could not find other indication in the manual as to how to change that behavior (but I may have missed it)

Personnally, since the STOP button on my VFD is out of instant reach anyway in my setup, I don’t use it ever, I rely on my big red Estop that removes power from everything for emergencies.

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Hi Julien, yes PD24 is set to 1 , I also saw that statement in the manual and I’m also not sure what the running signal is, I did try the “reset spindle” button in UGS but that didn’t correct the problem. I’ve put an extension cable on my VFD’s control unit so the main unit is tucked away and the display is near the work area of my machine. I did consider putting a switch in the FOR terminal but that didn’t seem logical.

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How did you do the extension cable?

The front control has a recess on the top, use your finger to prise it out of the main body recess. You will see a 10 pin IDC socket at the bottom and a 10 wire ribbon cable goes into the main body to another 10 pin socket. I bought 3 sockets (just to be sure) and 2 M of cable from my local electronics store and made up a new cable, Make sure the key side of the socket faces the same way as the original one. Plug it in and put back the main cover. Of course make sure the unit is unplugged before doing any of this.

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I hadn’t seen there was an IDC socket at the control panel end.

Problem solved, I had built a new BOB because I had installed some NPN NC prox sensors at the same time I installed the spindle and needed to wire the limit switches through some optocouplers and hadn’t got around to wiring up the probe and Estop switches yet. When I now push the Estop the spindle and steppers stop and when I reset everything the spindle will start. I had wired the NC side of the Estop to the DCM and FOR terninals in the VFD and that worked as well, but now that it happens through UGS I’ve removed that connection.

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