How good is the Shapeoko 3 XXL for 3D reliefs?

I recently got interested in buying a CNC router and the Shapeoko seems to be the best one at a reliable price. My question is, how good does the Shapeoko 3 XXL cut 3D reliefs?

I will add a picture for what I’m hoping to do:

I am comfortable with CAD/CAM software and creating the g code, but I just want to make sure the machine is capable of running the code with the proper tooling. I am also aware the machine must be correctly calibrated.

Any pics of actual projects you have done with the Shapeoko XL/XXL would be cool

(I feel like I’m going to regret waiting such a long time buying it lol)


From your picture I’m having a hard time seeing the scale of this, but if it fits in say a 31"x31" envelope and the Z depth isn’t beyond 3" it should be okay, the accuracy is definitely good enough. I made this little box and I’m pretty happy with the detail:

And this was almost 2 1/2" thick, but I machined it as a flip:

Biggest limitation I’ve had is in Z depth, but there are aftermarket Z sliders that can add to that depth (you will still be limited by the length of 1/4" diameter tools available).



The machine will do whatever one asks of it — list of supported G-Codes here: (pretty much anything one would expect a CAM program to output).

We do have a gallery: and there is a 3D project in it — there are more in the forums here (and my thanks to @DanoInTx for posting his lovely work) , and at least one recently posted to the Facebook group.


Thank you gentleman for your input!

I should have one by the beginning of January :slight_smile:


You won’t regret it!

I have done a few reliefs, the machine is excellent for it, I can’t find any photos other than this horse, which was the first relief I tried, and it came out pretty well. designed in Vectric Aspire, no sanding to finish, just a light coat of poly


found another small one i did on a bit of scrap


That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Any idea how much time those took?

ah, apologies… From memory the horse took roughly 3 hours of tool time - roughing with 1/4 endmill then finish with 0.5mm tapered ball nose.

the moose was probably 1-2hrs, similar tool sequence but 1/8 EM for roughing

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Would you be willing to share the files used to generate the moose?

I am still early in my CNC journey and have become somewhat proficient
at running the machine, but the creation side lags considerably.

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