How Many Homing Switches Have You Broken?

I have broken three Y homing switches on my Shapeoko and I have not had it very long. The first time I accidentally had a wrench on the track. The second time I was using a switch from a 3D printer to repair the first break and miscalculated its location. The edge of the switch hit the frame, not the switchy part. The third time I was using CNC.js and some how told it to go beyond the home position. The switch came right off. I cannot wait for my HDZ to arrive with the new end stops.

Anyone else broken an end stop out of stupidity? What is your story?

Almost 5 years, of thousands and thousands of homing operations…and ZERO broken homing switches. Thanks for asking.


They made 'em right back then. Also 5 years, also no breaks.
Also, unlike @RichCournoyer, 5 years of dumb crashes.


My machine is a Summer of 2016. No broken switches. I upgraded to HDZ in March 2020 and no broken switches on HDZ, some have broken switches on HDZ.

Usually when you have a problem with one machine and not on others there is something in the individual machine’s environment. I was a System Support Engineer for 40 years and when it is your machine you assume every other machine has the problem. That is not to say that a few switches have been broken but so many on one machine, something is up with that one machine.

I know full well that it was my dumb ass that cause all three to break. I’m just hoping that others have had similar stupid moments so I don’t feel alone in this. :rofl:

This thread might be relevant here :slight_smile:



I can’t say I’ve never left something accidentally obstructing machine movement…

As for the home switches, I’ve only been able to break the HDZ Z switch because the physical travel exceeds the switch travel, until you add the stick on bumper. I’ve not yet managed to break the X or Y because those axes normally hit a physical limit before the switch breaks. I can see how leaving an obstruction on the line may cause derailment though.

Hopefully those are the new inductive switches that don’t need contact and hopefully can’t be physically run into an endstop…

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The 4.0 version of the HDZ comes with inductive endstops.


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