How to add a logo to an already create file, need american flag svg

Does anyine have just a plan american flag svg I can not find one for the life of me.

There’s one in the thread:

and a discussion of how to use elements in design.

There is also a flag SVG in the library for Carbide Create…don’t forget about those.

One of my issues is I found a Airforce svg downloaded it but when I look to pull it to my project it does not show up in my documents. Where I saved it, it downloaded it as a google chrome file and I think that is why it is not seen as a svg.

Scroll down to post #19:

to see the Air Force version.


I am trying to put the AF logo on a flag not just the stars putting it on the stripes. I have the flag with stars and striped but when I try to put AF logo I cant seem to find it from the downloaded file… its not showing up but I see it on my desktop as a google chrome file

This can be caused by a couple of issues:

  • SVG is actually a pixel image in SVG wrapper
  • SVG is made up of clone elements

Post the SVG, or use the one at the link above.

I purchased one off of Etsy for a little bit of nothing . You can also type in American flag free svg file and probably come up with a usable file :+1:t3: Good luck …happy cutting

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