How to change the rapid rate or acceleration speed for HDM

I posted a topic here recently that led me down a rabbit hole and a couple of video conferences with customer support but i’m still left with this issue of losing steps/ having my HDM sound like it’s binding/making loud noise during rapid movement travel.

My research on these forums have suggested that the default speed for rapid movements of 500mm/min is high enough to cause similar errors to what i’m experiencing. Most of these were posted a while ago to where I can’t ask follow-up questions, but from what i’ve seen this setting can be modified in the MDI tab in CM. My unit of measurement is in inches and i’m concerned i’m going to screw something up if I use the recommendations that’s used for mm. Can someone confirm the commands that need to be entered for a recommended speed for the HDM rapid movements? Thanks


for a discussion of the numbers/settings involved.

@WillAdams Thanks for the info. My apologies if my post wasn’t clear but the post you were referring to was about increasing rapid rate speeds on an XL, XXL or HDZ. I want to use some reductive reasoning to apply to my HDM but I’m weary of making it worse and still have some questions.

I don’t know what my current default speed is at for rapid rates, specifically between cuts. Is it 500, 1000mm/min? Will I have to convert this to inches if that’s what my current settings are set to. Knowing where to at least find this info for HDM will help me determine how much I should decrease it. Thank you.


$25 = 3000
$27 = 3
$110/111 = 5000
$112 = 5000
$120/121 = 500
$122 = 500

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